Welcome to Serenity Sounds.

We are back open and running events again!!
Please check the events calender for more details!

On the following pages, you will find some sections and drop down pages to expand a little on the various components that go under the Serenity Sounds Umbrella and what we do and can offer you.

From Sound Bath Meditation for groups, retreats and festivals, to a selection of personal Sound Healing choices under Steve Woodford Intuitive Energy Worker.

Dragon Isle Drums bring you Hoop Drum circles and journeys as well as days to birth your own personal hoop drum. And to go with your drum, some wonderful Drum Beaters from Maxine.

We have Natural Himalayan Crystals looking for new guardians.

And if you have wanted to get guidance with the wonderful energy of Reiki, Steve has over 20 years experience with it on a personal and training levels.

Check out further details on the drop down pages.

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