Watchbell House Natural Therapy Centre,

8 Lugley St, Newport

PO30 5HD

1-2-1 Personal Sound Therapy Sessions. 

1-2-1 Personal Intuitive Session.
A Personal Intuitive Session, will be where after connecting with you, I will bring, instruments, crystals and other items I am guided to use with you, as well as Reiki to aid in your own healing journey.

1-2-1 Personal Sound Mediation.
Where I will be using various Gongs, Bowls to suit your own needs.

  1-2-1 Couples / Friends Soundbath. 
In a couples or friends soundbath, I will be using Himalayan gongs, bowls and other worldly instruments set around you, helping to create a soundscape to help you relax and reset within.

1-2-1 Personal Sound Massage
Is where I will strategically place Singing Bowls on your body and around you as well.
The bowls when placed on you and struck, sending vibrations directly through the body which can be felt more deeply, like an internal massage.

Any of these sessions can be arranged on Thursday's and Saturday's at Watchbell House.
Or, alternatively, I can come to your house if you have the space.


Prior booking is essential and you can contact me either through the mail, text message or phone call.

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