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A good friend introduced me to the "Gong Bath " A couple of years ago. I had no idea what to expect. I actually thought I was going to get in a bath.
It was the most profound experience. I was totally hooked from then on.
I was suffering from a back injury and I found the gong vibrations extremely healing. Not only for my back but other little aches & pains and niggles started to heal & disappear.
My mind became clearer & my sleep improved & my whole well being. 
I then tried a couple of one to one sessions these were "Beyond Incredible"
Steve and Max really know's their stuff.
They are kind gentle souls always willing to help, advise and answer any questions.
The gongs are powerful healing instruments & I would recommend anybody to step out of their comfort zone & experience a wonderful, deep,calming and healing journey. 🙏💚💚💚 xxx MB


Steve has helped me immensely during times of personal struggle to gain insight and clarity on my problems. His perspective and life experience were exactly what I needed to guide me to make the shifts in my own life . So I didn’t stay stuck in the same problem for years to come and bore my friends to tears !
Along with the nurturing and meditative help of the gongs, for me this is very powerful medicine. I would recommend Steve in a heartbeat. Also he has the warmest heart and the biggest ears (not literally!) . Thanks Steve, I hope I didn’t bore you to tears instead of my friends! CW

I was a little apprehensive of attending a sound bath for the first time, Steve and Max both made me so welcome and explained what would happen, Steve starts with a short guided meditation and then the magic happens, you are bathed in an array of sounds,it is so amazing. You awake feeling uplifted and so relaxed.
I have also had a 121 soundbath, which is tailored to how you are feeling at the time, again after the 121 I felt rested, relaxed .
I live on the mainland so don’t get to as many events as I would like, but I have been known to book a trip to the Island around one of Steve and Max’s events , seeing family is also an added bonus!  JS

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