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Sound Immersions Review

I began attending Steve and Maxine’s sound baths in November 2017, during a particularly stressful period of my life. Entering the first session, I felt burnt out and emotionally frazzled. I had no idea what to expect but Steve was welcoming, warm and friendly. He led us int the sound bath with a relaxing visualisation and the gongs began to play. Initially my mind was full of thoughts, busy as an ants’ nest, but at some point during that hour, something seemed to give way and I found myself in a very deep, relaxed state. Leaving the session I felt a strange mixture of elation and peace. I had a sense of being “re-tuned” and ready to face the challenges of my life again. That week, the challenges once again came thick and fast but seven days later, I returned to the sound bath. Once again I lay there and during that hour, the fraught emotions and scattered sense of self seemed to gel back into cohesion again. The week that followed was still stressful, but this time I felt stronger. I continued attending Steve’s gong-baths for months after that. Each session seemed to build upon the last and I would leave each night feeling ready to take on the difficulties I was facing, until eventually the difficulties started to fade and I emerged feeling stronger and more connected to myself than ever before. 
I have continued to attend the sound baths. The sessions punctuate the week with what I call my “retuning” night. The feeling I get on leaving is akin to the sense of tranquillity following a good Yoga class or meditation session. Over the years, a friendly and like-minded community of people have started to orbit these sessions and I’m happy to say that I’ve made some really good friends. Thank you Steve and Maxine (and the gongs and drums) for creating and curating such an incredible space – and welcoming everyone with such warm open arms. 


Wedding Gongs

On July 1st 2018 – during the hottest summer I can remember – my partner and I were married. We’d chosen to have the ceremony in a meadow in Atherfield with a festival feeling, a celebration of our favourite artists and delicious food. The day was about combining our combined loves and passions, and as a long term lover of Serenity Sounds and their immersive experiences, it was only natural to ask Steve and Maxine if they’d bring the gongs to be part of our ceremony. 
To begin the ceremony itself, we distributed Guatemalan cacao to our guests and Steve kindly led an introduction to the magic of cacao. He guided our guests through creating intentions and then consuming the chocolate. He and Maxine then played the gongs to begin the ceremony.
Having them there was amazing in itself as they bring such a happy, spirited and smiley energy. The gongs are magnificent to look at and created a stunning visual centrepiece on either side of the marriage archway. People who had never experienced a sound journey – and indeed those that had - were mesmerised by the experience and the sounds added a gorgeous, rich element to our special day. 
If you have a love of beauty, music, sound immersions – or Steve and Maxine – I’d massively recommend contacting them to talk about your special day or any event in which the spirit of sound would be welcome.  BC

I can highly recommend Steve, as he works with great empathy, intuition and professionalism. He skillfully blends shamanic, reiki and sound therapy techniques, to create personal 1-2-1 healing sessions. I have felt refreshed, revived and realigned afterwards. I look forward to my next session! AP

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