Serenity Sounds Services.

As well as the regular public events we hold at various locations around the Island ,which you can find on the Event Calendar, I can also offer you both private group and individual sound sessions, at your own private events, such as retreats and festivals, as well as in your own space.

Here is a quick, little guide to some of the options on offer at the moment, which will be expanded on as I move along the path.

1-2-1 Group Sound Meditations using various Gongs, Bowls to suit your groups space and needs.

1-2-1 Personal Sound Mediation using various Gongs, Bowls to suit your own, or attendees needs.

1-2-1 Personal Sound Massage where I will strategically place Singing Bowls on your body and around you as well. The bowls when placed on you and struck, sending vibrations directly through the body which can be felt more deeply, like an internal massage.

1-2-1 Personal Intuitive Session, where after talking and connecting with you, I will bring various vibrations such as gongs, singing bowls, drum and rattle, Reiki, crystals and other items I am guided to use with you.

These sessions can be arranged at a mutual time and place between ourselves.

And for those with no space, I also now have a room at the wonderful Watchbell House, Newport, for the 1-2-1 sessions for you if your own space is limited.

Or, of course, feel free to contact me for any dates or more information.

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