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Winter Solstice Blessings.

Hello folks.

Merry Solstice to you all,however you may celebrate it.

With just a few event's left in this year, it's certainly been a rather wonder filled year for us both with many happy memories made.

So, we would like to take a few minutes to say a big Thank You to you for all your support, feedback and thoughts for us through this past year. From our hard core regulars ,the many new people finding out the benefits of the vibrations as well as all the retreats, festivals and private events we were invited to join in, it has been a busy but beautiful year for us both.

A special thanks to Jacquie and Craig for coming over to the South Island and sharing their time,love and knowledge of the wonderful Singing Bowls.

We are really pleased to say that next years diary is already filling up and we have more ideas and collaborations being pencilled in ready to be brought forward when the time is right. So watch this space!

With our other hat on, Dragon Isle Drums, we have been asked and will certainly be holding more drum birthing and drumming events through 2019.

What and wherever we go or do, know the intent is always to create a safe space for you so you can just let go and be open to the vibrations and what they can do for you and know it will always be from our hearts to yours.

Have a most wonder filled time time, making sure you have some rest and ME time and look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Big hugs, love and high vibrations.

Max and Steve.

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