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September and we are BACK!!

Hi folks.

I hope this finds you well and happy, as indeed I have to say, we are here.

So, where to start?

The Serenity Sounds news is that we are up and vibrating again at the wonderful Shalfleet Hall. We are still limited to 6 in number at the moment, but with that limiting it for folks, after talking to Michael who looks after the hall, I am happy to open on a Tuesday evening at the hall as well in September as an experiment to help out folks.

Please check the event calender for further information. You can always book through a message etc. It is a case of first come first served as we can't yet, do drop in sessions. But please, if you do say you're coming, make sure you will, otherwise you could take a place from someone else.

I have been pushed, cajoled by some, for a while now, re the energy exchange and that I should be charging more as its been that for many years now.

Most know my thoughts, but as a middle way for now, it has been suggested that the £5.00 is a minimum exchange and that if, as I know some do, you feel moved to add some extra to that, I would be more than happy to accept that and of course you win with giving more you will receive more back in other ways. I leave that thought with you.

I am really pleased to see the diary getting busy again with retreats, not just this year, but already for next year as well. Not just from a personal view point of course, but to see some of the wonderful teachers and friends I work alongside getting back out there.

At Watchbell House, the 121's in the different options you can choose from, is getting busier again. And I am now taking appointments on Thursday mornings alongside the Saturday ones. Hopefully, that gives folks a little more choice and chance to book in with me.

With my Dragon Isle Drums head on, I have some more lovely hides on the way down to me now, so I am planning another drum birthing event in October, if you would like to join in with a very special day and bring your own personal hoop drum into your world please let me know.

Any questions just message me, or, of course, if you would like to book a place contact me in the usual way.

My Rock Friends are starting to move again, as I reluctantly start to let them go! I have still been holding some private shows as such and have several regulars now, I am really pleased to say. I still use My Rock Friends in my intuitive sessions.

Thoughts of a small, basic one day event for them are forming, as I have been asked by a few now on how to clean, charge etc. Watch this space.

The Reiki guiding days and shares are on the near horizon now we can hold a few more in a space.

I think that covers it all at the present moment.

Really looking forward to seeing you again and sharing the vibrations with you.

As always, any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.


Max and Steve.

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