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Octobers Updates !

Hi folks,

As I said in my earlier mail on events, I am separating the sounds from my other hats!

So here are a couple of updates for your diaries.

Steve's Rock Friends: Really pleased to be able to confirm the first event for my Rock Friends!

Crystal Cuddle Event.

I am going to hold a trial event for the rock friends I have ready to find their new guardians.

This will take place on Sunday October 18th at Shalfleet Hall.

It's going to take the form of two 60 minute sessions limited to 5 people per session. So you will have to book your spot.

The options will be 09:30 to 10:30 and 11:00 to 12:00.

This way you can not only take your time to look at the pieces up for sale but also that if you find you are drawn to one, you can quietly go sit and cuddle it to see if you truly connect with the piece, or pieces. The Rock friends can be bought on the day or lay away etc.

This first event will have a mixture of crystals and minerals, but I may aim to theme the sessions, taking them forward, into types ie Clear quartz, Chlorite quartz, Smokey quartz , Tourmaline etc. Large, medium and small pieces. These are all raw crystals and minerals directly from the Himalayan area. Not polished, not acid cleaned, just good ole water and brushes that I do when they arrive more often than not covered in mine mud. Pure, raw energy.

Your space is confirmed by donation entry.

Dragon Isle Drums: The last of this year's Drum Birthing Events.

New Moon Personal Hoop Drum Birthing Event.

Saturday August 1st 2020 from 09:30 - 16:00.

The cost per person for the Drum Birthing Workshop is £205

This includes a 16" Maple Hoop from the USA and a traditional, hand worked deer hide.

The hoops, I find, they are more sonically stable after experimenting with them and sourcing them from the USA.

The deer rawhide comes from the cull skins of an authentically organic herd, worked in the traditional way.

Also included is a plain felted wool Drum beater crafted by Max.

Full details on the website or FB page.

Northern Lights Healing: Reiki Training and Shares.

I am working on re holding the event for the First level that had to be cancelled at the start of this year, as well as bringing the "in person" Reiki share and meditation soon as well.

Take care folks and hope to see some of you soon!


Steve and Max.

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