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Octobers Newsletter!

Hello folks!

Well Autumn is certainly seen to be settling in now.Leaves dropping and the days growing rapidly shorter.

Well,another busy month passed and a great month ahead with some special events happening in it.

Craig and his wonderful wife,Jacquie ,are coming over from Wales to share his vast knowledge of the Himalayan Singing Bowls.The following day an event at the IOW Festival of the Mind and then a Hoop Drum Birthing day,helping guide folks to create their own medicine drums.

Sunday Morning Soaks are also starting to get a bit busier now and some of the regulars are noticing not only the difference in the energy of the soundbath, but also how they are helping them for the rest of the day.

It is always a wonderful feeling to see new people finding us and finding out what the sounds and vibrations can bring them. Many of those having being told about us by their friends or work colleagues, which is the greatest compliment given. So a big thank you to those folks!

With the other hats we wear, Max is really busy with many commissions being completed and a waiting list on them with her wonderful drum beaters! And also, 2 drums sold as well!

So anyway,here is the events for the month for your perusal.

October dates.

Sunday 2nd The Serenity Chalet.... Sunday Soaks.

Tuesday 2nd The Anahata Studio ... Soundbath.

Wednesday 3rd The Serenity Chalet ...Shamanic Hoop Drum Journey.

Thursday 4th The Serenity Chalet.....Soundbath

Sunday 7th The Serenity Chalet.... Sunday Soaks. TBC

Tuesday 9th The Anahata Studio ... Hoop Drum Journey.

Wednesday 10th. The Serenity Chalet ...Soundbath.

Thursday 11th The Serenity Chalet... Shamanic Hoop Drum Journey

Sunday 14th No Sunday Soaks as away on the North Island working.

Tuesday 16th The Anahata Studio ... Soundbath

Wednesday 17th The Serenity Chalet ...Hoop Drum Journey.

Thursday 18th The Serenity Chalet... Soundbath.

Sunday 21st The Serenity Chalet... Sunday Soak

Tuesday 23rd The Serenity Chalet. Full Moon Special Soak.

Wednesday 24th The Serenity Chalet.... Full Moon Soundbath

Thursday 25th The Serenity Chalet... Private Event

Sunday 28th The Serenity Chalet... Sunday Soaks

Tuesday 30th TBC

Wednesday 31st The Serenity Chalet ... Soundbath.


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