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Octobers Catch Up and Dates!!

Hello folks.

How are you all doing? Hopefully all well and happy and enjoying this late warmth we have at the moment.

So, I have decided to streamline the emails, starting with this one and separate the sounds, as in Serenity Sounds and Dragon Isle Drums, into one and then an occasional one with the other parts as in my Intuitive 121 work, the Rock friends and the Reiki training and shares.

I felt it was getting too long and I would try and make it easier for folks to focus on what they may want to see.

Please let me know what you think!

September has seen us, thankfully, back out at the wonderful Shalfleet Hall. And after trialling Tuesdays there , we are now there on both of the T 'days.

And really happy to see not just a lot of the regulars back, but some of the real old regulars back as well as some new faces!

I have increased attendance to 8 now, but you will still need to book as no drops in still as of yet until things change again.

Also, for the Dragon Isle Drums events, I am now stepping back to how I used to run them. Not fully yet due to the restrictions at the present time, but feeling good with the small step so far.

I am looking to hold a drum birthing day ,possibly the end of October if there are folks definitely wanting to take part in a most wonder filled day and birth their own personal hoop drums. Again, please send me a message for further information.

During the month, I was also involved in some lovely retreats, a couple in beautiful outdoor settings, making the most of this warm, bright weather and feeling really blessed with more booked in for the remainder of this year and a few more dates confirmed for next year, as folks really start to re-emerge.

I am also hoping to share part of some exciting projects bubbling away in the background shortly!

So, here are the October dates for your diaries and some little reminders on them.

Tuesdays dates.

6th Sound Meditation

13th Hoop Drum Journey

20th Sound Meditation

27th Hoop Drum Journey.

Thursday's dates.

1st Hoop Drum Journey

8th Sound Meditation

15th Hoop Drum Journey

22nd Sound Meditation

29th Hoop Drum Circle.

Times are still the same 19.30 to 20.30.

So if you can please get there before 19.25, as I will lock the door just before 1930 so as no disturbance to those settled down for quiet time before we start.

And please remember the silence we hold both before and after the events!

Please remember not to enter the hall before me on a Thursday, as we have to wait for the previous group to do a clean down.

A suggested energy exchange of between £5.00 and £10.00 depending on your individual circumstances. And if this is still a trouble, please do contact / message me and we can arrange an exchange in another way, as I do not want anyone to feel they are excluded from any of the events due to the current troubled times.


Steve and Max

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