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Novembers updates and dates!

Hello folks.

I hope this email finds you all well and smiling in these somewhat challenging times!

As I said last month, I've separated Serenity Sounds and Dragon Isle Drums mail into one send out now and then a seperate one with the other parts such as in my Intuitive 121 work, the Rock friends and the Reiki training and shares.

Blessed that October T'days continue to grow, despite the limited numbers, at the wonderful Shalfleet Hall. I am still happy at 8 in numbers for the moment, but you will still need to book as no drops in's as of yet until things change again. 

Serenity Sounds side, I have been starting to mix it up and thoughts for occasional longer ones with a Spring all nighter on the back burner bubbling nicely away!

Throughout October, I was happy and grateful to be involved in some lovely retreats and I am feeling really blessed with some more private ones being booked in. And please remember, I am happy to come along to the retreats and festivals and offer 121 sound work or Reiki to your guests and of course yourselves. 

With my Dragon Isle Drums hat on, I'm feeling really good about the small, for now, changes with the events as in going back to my roots as such. And once we are fully reopened I shall add a little more in. 

The drum circle will be held monthly alternating between the T'days for now unless demand tells me otherwise! 

Here are November's dates for you with a little note of just one place remaining on the magical Hoop Drum Birthing Day on Saturday the 14th of November. Message me for more information if you are drawn to birthing your own personal hoop drum. 

Tuesdays dates. 3rd    Hoop Drum Journey 10th  Sound Meditation 17th  Hoop Drum Circle.  24th  Sound Meditation

Thursday's dates. 5th Sound Meditation 12th Hoop Drum Journey  20th Sound Meditation 26th Hoop Drum Journey. 

Times are still the same 19.30 to 20.30, unless a special one comes along ;-) So if you can please get there before 19.25 as I will lock the door just before 1930 so there will be no disturbance to those settled down for quiet time before we start. And please remember the silence we hold both before and after the events!

I would also like to clarify a little about when I make an event full, as it seems to have caused a little confusion. 

If you have ticked going, you are OK for that event and have your space saved, so please try and come along. I will only put full up, when it gets to the number limit I have put on spaces at the moment. Although at times it may appear there are spaces, it can be due to folks booking through mail etc that may not be on faceake. Hope that helps clear that up!

A suggested energy exchange of between £5.00 and £10.00 depending on your individual circumstances. And if this is still a trouble, please do contact/message me and we can arrange an exchange in another way, I do not want anyone to feel they are excluded from any of the events due to the current troubled times.


Steve and Max

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