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November Newsletter.

Well the clocks will have fallen backwards and now its into the winter nights.

And to answer a question, yes, unless I cant make it there due to roads or work etc, the Chalet will be open for events as normal! I have a fire and know how to use it and you can layer up more lol!

And thinking on that, perhaps if I had mobile numbers for emergency sort of contacts might be wise!

Some more diary dates filled in for next year bringing the vibrations to some wonderful events.

October was a great and busy month.

Craig and Jacquie came over and held the first Himalayan Singing Bowls event with a lovely group of peeps and a most wonder filled day it was, made more special by reconnecting with dear friends. And of course some wondrous bowls! Next years is already in the boiling pot.

We also shared the vibrations at the first IOW Festival of the Mind and met many new faces that hadn't been immersed in a sound bath before. Some great chats and wonderful feedback after and hope to be seeing some of them return in the near future.

With the other hats we wear, Max is really busy with both commissions and a restock on the beater shop!

And as Dragon Isle Drums, as I write, we are holding a wonder filled drum birthing day this Saturday, as well as birthing and selling two myself.

I have had a few enquiries re when the next drum birthing will be held. We are more than happy to set one up early in the year if you would like to message me for more details.


Steve and Max


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