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December's newsletter.

Hello folks.

We hope that we find you warm and well now that Winter is upon us.

Where did 2018 go? Here are the last of this years dates to look through.

Obviously a little smaller this month, due to some event or another happening near the end of it! ;-)

And for some updates ...

Serenity Sounds.

Some more dates have been filled in the 2019 diary and also some very interesting collaborations are in the pipe line.

The Serenity Chalet may have some more dates added for folks to come and experience her vibration filled hugs.

The personal soaks are getting busy and some really good feedback coming from them as well.

Maxine's Felted Wool Drum Beaters.

After a rather large order from the USA, Max really is busy now, but will add more stock to the shop as she can.

Dragon Isle Drums.

I shall be Birthing some more drums shortly, with some rather special hides.

And a long time in thought project is nearing it's launch! I'm rather excited by the result's and feel some of you may well be as well.

We have also set an event for Spring Equinox, if you would like to come along to a rather special day and birth your own personal medicine hoop drum please free to contact me to book yourselves in ...



Spring Equinox Medicine Hoop Drum Birthing.

And don't forget, you can purchase the vouchers for a present to others, or a as a gift for your self and use them for any of the events or goods we have, such as Personal Sound Soaks, drums, beaters, Reiki Training etc.


Steve and Max

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