Northern Lights Healing

The name Northern Lights Healing came to being when I lived at the top of Scotland and I was lucky enough to witness the wonders of the Northern Lights otherwise known as Aurora Borealis many times.

And Scotland is where I started out on my Reiki path back in 1998, to add alongside other healing modalities I had trained in including Reflexology,Aromatherapy and Crystal's.

Although I had originally taken my training in the Western style, I found the Traditional Eastern way through Reiki Evolution and as well as training with other Reiki teachers in that way, I have worked and followed that way ever since.

In guiding events, I only work in small groups to ensure full focus on the group and I am also happy to do personal guiding days.

I have a group setup for students of myself where we meet up for monthly shares to continue to deepen the Reiki connection, through Reiju and meditations, as well as ongoing support and help if needed. 

We all live and learn and I do not profess to know it all and I am sure that I shall be shown things from others that come along. If we don't continue learning then how do we learn?

For further information on either the sessions or teaching days, please use the contact button here.

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