What can you expect at one of our events.


A warm ,welcoming and safe space where you can fully relax and just let go.

You will be bathed in vibrations from our unique,high quality Himalayan Singing Bowl Gongs ,Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drums, Rattles, Chimes and other worldly sound instruments we may have or may collect in the future.

The events may include all, or some of these, as we work with our intuition for the individual events. 

Please bring along your own mats,blankets, pillows etc and wear warm comfy layers and have some water with you for afterwards.

If you have mobility problems or may just want too, you can also sit up as well. 

We will then settle in silence before we start with a guided meditation to help you to relax more and just let go.

The more relaxed you are, the more benefits you can gain from the event.

We then will bathe you in vibrations from the Gongs and any other sound instruments we maybe using.

We then hold a period of silence for the vibrations to settle .

We will then guide you back with some chimes and gentle words.

We will close the space with three Om's which we welcome you to join in or just to sit and listen.

At the Shamanic Drum events ,we will have smudged and set the space for you before you arrive.

And the after the event, we will close the space together.

Any questions that you may have before, or that may emerge after the session ,we are always happy to discus with you.

Or you can contact us through the email or on the phone. 

Please note that all the Serenity Chalet events are limited to 5 in number. 
                      So please book early to avoid disappointment. 

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