Dragon Isle Drums.

Here is a place to come to see a different, but integral part of SERENITY SOUNDS, Hoop Drums.


We have both worked with and birthed the hand held hoop drums for many years now and hold regular events with them, as well as including them in some of the Sound Meditation events we hold.

You can also find, further information on the difference between the Hoop Drum Journey and Hoop Drum Circle events

We also hold regular Drum Birthing days,where you can actually birth your own, special powerful Hoop Drum and you will find these on the Special Events page as and when we hold them.

And to compliment your own hoop drum, please have a look at Maxine's felted wool drum beaters information, both here, or on the Etsy shop Dragon Isle Drums, as they can and do bring out different sounds and tones to your own drum.


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