Who are Serenity Sounds?

We are Steve and Maxine and proud co-operators of Serenity Sounds.

We would like to tell you a little about ourselves and our work with sound and how Sound Healing may work for you.

Working from the heart, we play intuitively and therapeutically, with an intent to help you to create within and around you, a wonderful serene safe space, wherein you can relax and let the sounds and vibrations of the gongs, singing bowls, drums and other sonic instruments wash over and through you, transporting you on a journey towards your own inner healing realms.
We endeavour to tailor the sounds to encompass and touch each and everyone present allowing the vibrations to go deep and help you reset and recharge. And no two sessions or events are the same, as numbers can vary, as well as the space we are playing in. 

We are honoured to appear at various events, retreats and locations around the Island, both public and private throughout the year and are proud to work not only by ourselves, but also alongside many other yoga teachers, therapists and well being practitioners.

A brief outline of what we can offer you and a Sound Meditation is on drop down pages here.

So please browse the work in progress website and see what we can offer you

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